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Hard Gay in "Lost in Tokyo"

Konbanwa mina! My first post here..
I first heard about Hard Gay a few years ago when the first Ramen shop episode was circling around on the net and someone posted it in a forum as a funny must see vid.

We have a tv program here in The Netherlands where a few Dutch people are dropped in Tokyo and they have to do tasks, gain knowlegde, a test and a duel and every week someone is send home.
The judges are 100 Japanese people who have to vote for thier fav at the end of the test.

Anyway the subject of yesterday was Japanese humor and yay Hard Gay was in it (it was wierd they called him the Hard Gay Man honestly). And the Japanese Shock Boys but those guys where to extreme for my liking.

The duel was about the tea ceremony but they hardly showed anything about that unfortunately.

You can watch it here
Just click on on the first pick with a big play sign in it. (The second is an small ep about Japanese in Amsterdam learning typical Dutch things.. maybe also cool to watch for other non dutch people LOL)
Be sure "Aflevering 2" is selected which is selected automaticly now since it's the most recent one.
And it opens a pop up where the movie is played in. Hard Gay and the shock boys are in the first half of the show.
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