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The HARD GAY [Haado Gei] Community on LJ
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Welcome to the exclusive livejournal community dedicated to Haado Gei, or as those with no knowledge of Japanese pronunciation call him, Hard Gay. If you worship and leave sacrifices to that sacred man with a hard body and a harder...personality than God, this is the place for you. Pull out your rhinestone-studded S&M suit, sunglasses, and hot pants, and pay homage to the sexiest dry-humper you'll ever have the honor of being molested by while eating ramen in a shop, riding by on a bike, working at Yahoo!Japan, or playing on a slide.


1. NO BASHING!! Only flaming of the HARD GAY variety allowed. We all love Haado Gei here, and if you don't, why are you still here? Stop reading, you sick fuck. Masochist. :(

2. Place all fanfic under an lj-cut. Please label rating, pairing, and a short synopsis. Ratings are: X, XX, XXX, and Hard Gay (for Haado Gei's enjoyment eyes only). This community is yaoi-friendly, because c'mon. What other action is he going to get other than from unsuspecting passers-by and internet co-workers? The only round, squishy objects he's interested in are tucked securely in vinyl hotpants, and even then they're still pretty haado.

3. An icon post with more than 3 icons should also be put under an lj-cut. Ratings are: X, XX, XXX, and Hard Gay (for Haado Gei's enjoyment eyes only). Animated icons are strongly encouraged and will be rewarded with a lap dance from Haado Gei, whether you want it or not.

4. Introduction posts welcome! How did you get into Haado Gei (figuratively, because no one gets into Haado Gei)? Was it his penchant for vinyl? That subtle gyrating motion that was smoother than an ocean wave cresting on the beach of your libido? Or was it the looks of horror dawning on the young, impressionable faces of KAT-TUN as they watched and took notes on his Power Cock work its magic?

5. Fan videos are encouraged, and will be rewarded with with a vinyl vest with your choice of initials on the back emblazoned in rhinestones.

6. Practice safe sex. Remember the teachings of Haado Gei: dry humping in vinyl is the best birth control. And if you must use a condom, buy Haado Gei Condoms, now scented and colored with Haado Gei's profile.

7. That's all! Join and have fun! Spread the love, just like Haado Gei taught us disciples in his sacred videos. ♥

Haado Gei Community @ LJ.com

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The People Who You Can Bitch To:
fuminshou_neko [Main Mod and Master], drinkcoffee [Bitch Mod and Slave #1], scribete [Bitch Mod and Slave #2]

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