Mini Twilight (mini_twilight) wrote in haado_gei,
Mini Twilight


Hey Guys,

Only just found that this community existed. I love Hard Gay for his awesome ridiculousness and for that little bit of flab that jiggles when he does the pelvic thrusts lol. My favourite episode has to be Father's Day, closely followed by the Ramen Shop.

Please take care of me xD
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Welcome to this awesome world of manliness! Be sure to watch his social improvements and when he takes on Yahoo! Japan.
I've seen all his videos but the ones I mentioned are my favourites xD
What's Haado Gei up to these days? Any place post his recent news to keep me up to date? I don't have anything recent from him at all - I heard he doesn't make TV appearances much anymore because his popularity in Japan has died down quite a bit. :'(
His popularity "dying down quite a bit" is an understatement. :(

He's still doing stuff, though very rare appearances in TV programs and pro wrestling shows.
Aww. :(
Well, thanks for the information.

Deleted comment

There was a ballroom dance one =O! I will now dedicate my life to finding that video. Btw, your icon is awesome =P

Deleted comment

Oh that one. Yeah, I've seen that one lol.